Our Soul

The Green Gorilla™ Company was founded out of a necessity for whole food, high quality, minimally processed products. Products not designed around marketing ideas, but products designed around our health and happiness. When The Green Gorilla was created, we followed a few basic ideas… 5 to be exact.


1. Design products around our health

Everything we create takes months and months, sometimes years of research and consideration before we put it on the market. We do not take the approach of launching several products to see whats going to stick.  We introduce the highest quality products without chemical processing, additives, binding, preservatives, flavoring or coloring agents.  Just simple, high quality good for you ingredients.

2. Always strive for better quality

Because of how we operate The Green Gorilla we will NEVER give lessor quality products to our customers to save a few pennies. Our products and services are our #1 priority. All of our employees go through a philosophical training program to ensure they put quality first in everything they do.

3. Stay in touch with our customers needs

We have two ears and a mouth, using them in proportion is not a bad idea. To be a leader in our industry we have to be great listeners. Based on our belief that most unique and original ideas come from unexpected places, we thrive on keeping our ears open for “hidden gems” of information. At The Green Gorilla we value our employees and their opinions, but more importantly we value what our customers say. We have created many forums to communicate with employees and customers alike. It is the most important aspect of our business.


Its not about the marketing, but that our products are as good as our ingredients.  We work very hard to make sure everything we produce is of the highest quality and purity available.  We work directly with farms to verify that proper environmental and health practices are being practiced so they can produce the highest quality ingredients.  If its not, its simple.  We won’t use it.

5. Innovate new ways to give back

Our employees are proud of the company they work for, and the job they are doing. We have created many give back programs for our employees to participate in. Every employee gets 8 paid hours a month to participate in a program that gives back in someway. Some of these projects currently include Ric O’barrys Dolphin Project, Urban Community Gardening projects in Florida and environmental clean up projects in Japan, Mexico and the U.S. It’s not just about giving money to a cause, but its about giving our time as well.